Teacher Apprenticeship


 Start refining your teaching and grow leaps and bounds through the support of a one on one mentorship. You will assist a class once a week, and teach once a week under Dawns guidance for 2 months. Each class you teach will be followed up with a chat on your class along with making a plan for your next class. Assisting classes will allow you to work on your assisting skills while not juggling the other parts of teaching class. Apprentices will arrive 15 minutes before their assisting class to discuss the upcoming class with Dawn. In addition, throughout these 2 months you will also take 6 of Dawns class and complete a form (to be given at the start of your program.) Training will close with a longer meetup to wrap up your individual plan moving forward. You must have completed a 200hr program to enroll in this program.

Style: This apprenticeship can be for either Vinyasa, Hatha or Gentle / Restorative Teachers.