Dawnā€™s class are creative while still honoring authentic yoga teachings. She will stress the importance of keeping the mind focused on the observation of the body and the breath. You will work towards taking a rest when your body is calling for it ā€“ instead of when your mind is telling you to give up. Dawn encourages you to acknowledge where you are today, honor your body, and be thankful for each practice. Each class incorporates asana (postures) practice, Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Philosophies. While your practice with Dawn will be physically challenging, the emphasis is for this physical movement to occur only with consistent breath and steady mind.

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Peaceful Warrior Downtown

2 South Main Street, Sayville NY


9:45am Vinyasa

4:30pm Vinyasa


9:45am Heated Vinyasa

6:00pm Heated Vinyasa


10:00am Vinyasa


Peaceful Warrior Yoga Center

648 Route 25A Rocky Point, NY


9:30am Hot Vinyasa

4:00pm Hot Vinyasa


4:00pm Hot Vinyasa

5:30pm Heated Vinyasa


9:30am Hot Vinyasa

5:00pm Warm Happy Hour


8:00am Hot Vinyasa

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SUP Yoga

Mount Sinai, NY