Dawn Stidd

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Give Yourself a chance to Show up as your Best Self. To honor both your Strengths and Weaknesses. Self Awareness comes from this time on your mat being an inquiry. I hope to help you look within yourself and learn who you truly are.


Happiness is a choice. Sometimes the chatter of the mind interfers with that choice. Being able to be truly present and free of the chatter of the mind will open you up for happiness.


 Classes are a chance to notice tendencies in the mind both when presented with opportunities to rest and settle along with times to work and be challenged. We work towards finding a positive outlook to both. Taking this with us off our mat to create balance between times of rest and times of work.


I’d love to share some time together! Come check out my schedule and get a yoga class that will change your life.


You always have the power to control your body, breath and mind. We explore this throughout class where we learn that challenging poses settle in when we allow for challenge and still breath and focus.